I got kinda sick and tired of not being able to find Virility Ex reviews written by real people who had tried the pills. So I put together a pile of information that has helped me get clear about this Virtilityex male enhancement thing – some of it was good, some bad, some ugly – but it’s all here. I managed to find most of it while researching across the net about Virility Ex and I kinda hope it will help you also cut through the crap and find out whether or not these cock growth pills are what you are really looking for.

Virility Ex reviews aside, what actually is Virility Ex?

According to the Virility Ex Reviews I’ve read (and the company website), it is a “dietary supplement”. That means it comes in the form a plastic bottle of tablets which you take everyday. Over a period of time, your erect cock gets bigger. According to the company, the supplement contains a blend of traditional natural herbal ingredient and amino acids.

Because it’s all natural, it’s supposedly safe and just using these tablets alone apparently means that you don’t need pumps, penis growing exercises or surgery to increase the length of your member.

How do Virility Ex male growth pills work?

The supplement apparently encourages your body to naturally send more blood into your penis when you are erect making it inches bigger. From what I’ve read of other people’s Virility Ex reviews, it seems like a couple of inches increase in length is a typical result.

Along with this, it apparently also increases your virility and desire to have sex. So I guess it’s kind of a natural Viagra also for free.

Potential problems with Virility Ex

Ridicule – Yeah, I know this isn’t a problem about Virility Ex itself but most men don’t like their partners (or actually anyone else) knowing they’re taking this supplement. The company promises however to ship the tablets in discreet packaging so it won’t arouse suspicions. And it seems they won’t write Penis Enlargement Tablets all over your bills either unlike some companies! LOL!

Safety / Side-Effects – I couldn’t find anyone on the net who had actually had a problem with these pills. There were guys in their Virility Ex reviews who confirmed that they had a huge increase in their sex drive and Virility Health, for some of them, this was more important than cock growth. From what I can tell, the company is part of the Natural Products Association which has been around for more than 75 years, and the company itself was founded in 2002. I guess if there really were issues with their stuff, we would know about it by now.

Fake Pills – Now this was something I found quite disturbing. From what I can tell there are lower-priced fakes of these tablets being sold on the internet. I even came across a guy who’d bought through Amazon and was sent fakes. It wasn’t Amazon’s fault, he said, because they just passed the order onto another company. But because he was a regular Virility Ex user, he noticed immediately they wasn’t getting what he ordered. So if you’re gonna order, make sure you order direct from the manufacturer.

You need to keep taking them – Guys, get clear on this…this is the truth…Virility Ex is not a permanent one-off miracle solution. You’re not going to pop a pill in your mouth and have a massive penis tonight. You need to take the pills regularly to keep up the size. But from what I can figure out, it’s an quick, easy, no-hassle solution. The way I see things is that if you wanted a permanent solution, you’d have booked in for surgery under the knife with your local doctor (ouch!), or you’d be risking damaging your cock permanently with some of those extreme pumps and weights.

What do the genuine Virility Ex Reviews say?

My sex drive as a 37 year old isn’t what it used to be but since using Virility Ex it’s gone right up and having sex twice a day has become a regular occurrence.

James Gardner, honestreview4u.com

It was actually quite difficult to find supposedly genuine Virility Ex Reviews on the internet. It seemed like whenever someone brought up the subject in a forum or somewhere like Yahoo Answers, they would get endless ridicule and abuse from other guys. No wonder there’s hardly anyone out there admitting they use Virility Ex!

In fact, most negative Virility Ex reviews I found came from those who said pills couldn’t possibly work, or didn’t like the idea of them. And others seemed to be attacking it because they had a financial interest in trying to promote a competitor product instead. You’ve probably found the same if you’ve been looking for information in these Virility Ex Reviews.

However, perseverance pays off in the end, and here are some more apparently genuine Virility Ex reviews from people who really did seem to use the product…

I actually gained about two inches. It was pretty good. I was actually very surprised. It definitely made me increase my sexual desire and stamina as well.

Source: rwalker2992, YouTube videos

Here’s another user’s opinion I found while looking for Virility Ex reviews:

I started using virility EX around a week ago and started to notice effects almost immediately. On the first day I had the biggest erection I’d ever had in my life and over the last week since I’ve been using the pills I’ve been having bigger and more frequent erections. Which is great.

I’ve also noticed a size increase in my floppy penis. I’d say it’s about a half an inch bigger. I’m loving virility ex and am going to continue using it I think for as long as they make it.

P.s my wife is happy too

Source: Jon W, honestreview4you.com

Like I said, there seemed to be a common theme within various Virility Ex reviews, of those who seem to have genuinely tried it, that while it’s not a miracle solution to cock growth, they did gain around two inches in length when erect.

Where to buy Virility Ex?

Guys, let’s face it. There are scammers out there ready to take your cash if you let them.

As I’ve mentioned above, there are fake Virility Ex pills being sold online. There are sites that even call themselves the “Official Site” and it’s a complete lie – they are badly laid out and even look scammy so I don’t know how they fool people. I don’t know where your money goes after you order through them but I sure ain’t going to try it!

There are claims that you can get a free bottle of Virility Ex if you buy through certain websites… I’ve checked this out myself and it’s NOT TRUE!!! … but what you can get if you order direct from the manufacturer are bonus free bottles. The more you buy in bulk, the more free Virillityex you get.

There’s a deal right now where if you order 2 months supply, you get 1 month free, and if you order 3 months supply, you get 3 months free (that’s a pretty good deal if you think about it). You’ll see the full offer details after you enter your name and address information on the order page and then click through to the actual payment page.

They ship worldwide – check out the long list of countries on the order form – and you have the option of a Rush Delivery within a few days if you are in a hurry. You can also insure the delivery in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged on the way to you. So whether you want Virility Ex Pills UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Asia etc, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The official site is also throwing in a couple of bonus e-books, one on dating and one on the art of seduction, and a lifetime access to their Penis Enlargement Program.

Warning – Beware Of Fakes And Scammers

For safety reasons, I recommend you only buy from the Official Virility Ex website. Buying from anywhere else is risky, especially through scammy-looking Virility Ex reviews sites, as you may not get the 90 day Money Back Guarantee and you may not get the genuine tablets.

The guarantee kinda takes all the risk out of giving Virility Ex a try. Basically, they’re saying give it a go for three months and if it doesn’t work for you, let us know and we’ll give you a refund. Seems to suggest to me that the company has confidence in what they’re selling

Plus remember the “three months free” deal I mentioned above is only available from the official site, which you can visit through the link I’ve provided below.

CLICK HERE To Get The “3 Months Free” Special Deal From The Genuine Official Virility Ex Store

Hope you’ve found this to be one of the more useful and honest Virility Ex reviews out there.